WHOA Newsletter - September 18, 2006

WHO@ Newsletter

September 18, 2006

Tomorrow is speak like a pirate day (really)!



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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

HP case illustrates thorny issues of work privacy - 09/18/06
If you have a job, you have no privacy when it comes to using the office computer.

Judge rules bitter blogs are online stalking - 09/18/06
If you think your ex-husband is a lying, cheating, scamming, con artist with no conscience and no soul, you're entitled to your opinion.

Cyberfraudsters detained in Spain - 09/18/06
A large group involved in cybercrime and online fraud has been dismantled in Spain by the National Police last week. The authorities detained a total of 23 people all across the country, particularly in coastal regions of Catalonia, Valencia and Andalusia. According to the Spanish police, those detained were of seven different nationalities, including Spaniards, Italians, a Latvian, a Russian, a Ukrainian, a Panamanian and an Uruguayan citizen. The group used a Trojan to steal personal banking data from unsuspecting users in Spain and then to move the money outside the country to Eastern Europe.

Internet vigilantism sweeps China - 09/17/06
It all began with a Shanghai psychologist outraged at the Internet postings of a foreign English teacher boasting of his sexual conquests of Chinese women.

Zahir's Wife Received UK Police Caution - 09/16/06
Husna Latheef, the wife of Adam Zahir, received a caution from British police over the death threat email sent to Ahmed Moosa (Sappe) last year.

Officials urging website vigilance - 09/15/06
Users of controversial websites who fail to report online threats to police are partially responsible if the violent crimes materialize, says a local Internet expert.

Chat rooms are identity thieves' street corners - 09/15/06
On a weekday afternoon in a chat room, hackers are busy exchanging credit-card numbers, cash, hacked servers, information and stolen identities.

Facebook raises Internet privacy concerns - 09/14/06
At 4:03 a.m. on Sept. 5, Facebook.com unveiled a controversial new feature that tracks minute-by-minute changes to user profiles. Ruchi Sanghvi, the product manager responsibe for implementing News Feed, explained the feature on Facebook’s blog. “It updates a personalized list of news stories throughout the day, so you’ll know when Mark adds Britney Spears to his Favorites or when your crush is single again. Now, whenever you log in, you’ll get the latest headlines generated by the activity of your friends and social groups,” Sanghvi wrote.

Rage over MySpace photo leads to arrest - 09/14/06
A 22-year-old woman was arrested after authorities say she tried to hire someone to kill another woman whose photo appeared on her boyfriend's MySpace.com Web page.

Internet sex performance lands woman in jail - 09/14/06
A 39-year-old Dunedin woman is in jail, accused of trying to cash counterfeit checks which she says were payment for a web cam sex performance.

Warnings over social site 'abuse' - 09/14/06
Social networking sites such as Bebo and MySpace must do more to police what users do, warns Computing Which?

Man may have sent two billion Viagra spam e-mails - 09/13/06
An Australian man under investigation for illegal spamming sent more than 2 billion e-mails promoting Viagra in a year, an official said Wednesday.


deb said…
Thar ya go again, matey! With ya darn coincidence, coincidence, coincidence. Ya starts with the matey stuff, land ho to Dunedin, and then ahoy Boston!

Yo, ho, and all the rest of it LOL.

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