Went to the hospital

Dad is doing okay - he was in good humor. We brought Chris' mom with us and she was okay as well as can be expected. She's worried, of course, as we all are, but we're all taking it one step at a time.

Dad will know more tomorrow when he has more tests and whatever to decide what the next step(s) should be. It's driving us nuts with the waiting, but better to wait than to borrow trouble.

Dad did tell us a funny story, though. He'd been moved to a new room and we asked why. Turns out his roommate in the old room couldn't hold his bowels and kept going all over his bed. Dad said it began to smell so bad, he pulled his sheet up over his nose to get clean air. When the nurse came in, she kept apologizing and moved Dad to his new room and a non-crappy roommate (ha ha).

We could just picture him holding the sheet up over his mouth trying to watch the baseball game on TV.

Tee hee!


Chris is still on a wicked pirates kick. He got The Idiot's Guide to Pirates book today, with some others and a Pirates magazine, plus a magazine for his dad; I picked up a magazine about the P-51 Mustang - my favorite WWII plane. Seriously. Most people are amazed when they find out I'm a big WWII buff, especially the Pacific battles. I also picked up some audiobooks on cassette for Dad to listen to while in the hospital.

Chippy was jumpy this morning. Most likely because it was windy. He came up only twice to eat out of my hand. I have him eating sunflower seeds off my arm and my goal is to have him eat off my shoulder next. Then maybe some somersaults.

Just kidding.

But you didn't blink, did you? Ha ha!


I'm getting ready for my trip to Quantico on Wednesday. Then it's a rollercoaster of speaking engagements and book signings through mid-November. I'll be gone every week, sometimes with only a day in between gigs.

At least I get to rent a car on this trip so that I can go to Manassas or see if there's a ghost tour or something nearby. I won't have time to visit all the friends I'd like. I already committed to one set of friends and will just have to make time for others the next time I'm in the D.C. area.


Guin has an ear problem again. I swear she has a crush on our vet! Took her in, he flushed her ear out, but it seems like the pressure is really hurting her. If she sleeps on that side of her head, then moves it, she squeals in pain. There's not much we can do except keep putting ear drops in 2-3 times a day. Other than that, she's eating fine, bouncing around the house and when we go on our walks and poops and pees just fine.

What we've found on our walks lately: A York High School pen; mechanical pencil that wasn't broken (Chris uses it for his crosswords now) and I almost picked up what looked like a plastic doll dress, but left it. You just never know what you'll find on the sidewalk!

Three people stopped us to ask for directions to the high school - two of them had driven right by the huge driveway entrance with the gigantic high school sign. Doh.


deb said…
WWII Pacific, huh. Have I ever mentioned my dad? lol

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