I was right!

The game I wanted to get an M rating has finally been played by someone in the gaming community and you know what? I was right about the game. What kills me is that the number of rants emailed to me has gone down to practically nil since this was published yesterday.

The following just reinforces my statements in the press release we sent out. I particularly love the last sentence. How can you use a baseball or cricket bat or slingshot without any blood?

This game is going to cause problems. How long do you think it will be before the first media story appears in relation to this game and a bad thing?

"Early on in the game, Jimmy, the 15 year-old protagonist, can
only perform a shallow selection of moves -- your standard punches, a
grapple (Circle), Block (R1), kicks when an opponent is down (Square
again)... things of that nature -- but as our hero continues to work
his way up the ladder, a number of new maneuvers will open up (the
majority of which will be taught to you by attending gym class or from
a hobo who's also a fighting expert). When powered all the way up,
even the Karate Kid's nemesis Johnny Lawrence will fear you.

Perhaps the most inviting thing about Bully's combat system, though,
is that it isn't just limited to combo moves and a series of
repetitive attacks. Even in the early version we sampled, Jimmy can
already pull off humiliation moves from the start (press circle when
prompted after you've done enough damage). These humiliations put an
automatic end to the fight and add a bit of visual "oomph" to the
action. Our personal favorite is the classic "Why are you hitting
yourself?" technique that allows you to punch an enemy in the face
with his own fists. Players can also expect to use a variety of
different weapons with things like Cricket and baseball bats, eggs,
and slingshots. But if you're worried about over-excessive violence,
don't worry: there won't be any blood, disfigurement, or death."


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