I did it!

And it's not even fall yet! What am I so excited about?

Chippy ate out of my hand this morning!

I was worried about him yesterday because he didn't show up for his "breakfast." What was weird was that none of the birds that usually show up were there either. I wonder if that hawk came back and I just didn't see it.

This morning, I fed Chippy as usual on his fence post in the backyard, then went inside to give the dogs their cheese (which hides their medicine) and make my coffee. I took the coffee out on the deck where we have one of those screened tent thingys. It's nice and cool today, so it was pleasant. Chippy saw me from his fence post and came running onto the deck. I sat perfectly still, talking to him as he ran around the lounge chair I was on, curious as to me being on the deck.

When he left, I ran downstairs, grabbed a cupful of sunflower seeds and went back on the deck. I put some seeds on the deck floor, then talked to Chippy and he came and sat next to my chair, happily stuffing his fat cheeks. He took off to his hidey hole and I decided to put some seeds on the end of the lounge chair.

He promptly came back and didn't hesitate climbing up the chair leg and stuffed his cheeks, watching me and listening to my voice. When he took off again, I ran in the house to get Chris up, but he was tired.

So out I went again and this time put the seeds closer to me (I was sitting cross-legged on the chair) and placed my hand flat on the cushion, with seeds in it. Chippy came right back up, ate the seeds in front of my hand, then began eating the ones in my hand. I was so excited, I almost burst!

When he ran off to his hole, I ran in the house again and told Chris Chippy was eating out of my hand. He didn't believe me and dragged his tired butt out of bed to look out the window.

I went back out, put more seeds in my hand and this time Chippy actually sat *on* my hand as he stuffed his mouth. Chris whispered, "I can't beleive it!"

Chippy eyed my knees and legs, like he was deciding whether to climb those, then the lawn guys next door started working and off Chippy went.

I went back in the house, proud of myself.

Tomorrow I'll try putting seeds on my knees and Chris said he was going to take photos! Wheeeeee!

Chris update: We went to the doctor's office two days ago. Chris is a devil. While waiting in the exam room, he made Dr. G's stool go down to the lowest point so that it was almost to the floor. I told him he was bad. But I couldn't wait to see what would happen.

Dr. G comes in with his laptop, talking away and goes to sit on the stool. He tried to sit on it, noticed it was low and began fumbling to put it back up. This broke his concentration (which he is so proud of) and we both burst out laughing. He laughed too and said he knew he was in trouble when he saw he was being "double-teamed."

Chris' sugar numbers are high, but it's because he isn't really exercising yet. Dr. G did take away one of the high blood pressure meds that was making him woozy and weighed Chris. He lost almost 30 pounds since he was in the hospital. Chris calls it the Demerol and IV diet. He looks good weightwise, but is still pale and tired.

We went for a ride to Portsmouth to Best Buy and Barnes & Noble and Chris was able to stay in the stores longer this time before heading out to the car. I got the latest book on LOST by Orson Scott Card, yes the famous sci-fi novelist. Turns out he's a huge fan of the show. I also picked up a week ago another book, LOST: The Unauthorized Guide. And the annual yearbook for the show came in the mail, so I'm all set for my airline trip to Atlanta on Monday.

Speaking of, with all the terrorist brouhaha going on right now, Delta sent me the following email:

Arrive early and expect possible delays

Hello Ms. Hitchcock,

As you may know, federal authorities have issued new security procedures
that may impact any upcoming travel.

As a result, you could experience delays at the airport. Please remember
to pack lightly, travel with little or no carry on baggage (due to the
potential screening delays at the security checkpoints) and arrive
approximately three hours prior to your scheduled take-off time.

Here are some additional tips that may help you as you prepare for any
upcoming trips. No liquids or gels will be permitted through airport
screening checkpoints and they cannot be carried onboard. Keep in mind,
there are some restrictions to what items can be included in checked
baggage. Visit delta.com/baggage for additional details, and please
notify a ticket agent if you have packed any of these restricted items.

Examples of prohibited carry on substances include:

-- Beverages (including those purchased at the airport)
-- Shampoo
-- Suntan lotion
-- Creams
-- Toothpaste
-- Hair gel
-- And other items of similar consistency

However, you will be able to carry on the following substances:

-- Baby formula, breast milk or juice for a traveling child
-- Medicine prescribed to you
-- Insulin and other essential non-prescription medicines

And remember, including all your current contact information both inside
and outside any baggage will help ensure that a bag separated from you
finds its way back.


Chris actually felt well enough today to take his motorcycle, Griselda, for a ride. He's been gone for about 10 minutes now. He took it out the other day for a bit as well. It's good to see him beginning to feel a little better.

A friend (you, Dickster) turned us onto Robot Chicken, a weird ass series by Seth Green that uses action figures and dolls plus claymation techniques to do comedy skits. I've never laughed so hard. We actually broke down and bought the 1st Season DVD at Best Buy. Truly funny sick stuff.
I also bought the Clerks 10th Anniversary DVD. Don't hate me - I've never seen the movie, but love Silent Bob and Jay.

My publisher hired a publicist for me, Brian Feinblum of Planned Television Arts. Yay!!


ravyn said…
Be careful, it starts with one chipmunk, it could lead to dozens of squirrels, birds, and other critters, hehe.

We took in an orphaned squirrel when i was in high school, and when she was old enough to start going outside, the other squirrels saw one of their kind getting a free meal..... my dad started buying unshelled peanuts in 20lb bags, and feeding every squirrel in the nearby park. He recognized and "named" 50 individuals, most of whom wouldn't come to the back door, but the younger ones would eat from his hand. He got his toes nipped more than once by skittish youngsters who mistook them for peanuts peeking from his open-toed slippers.

We also had a blue jay come to the windowsill (and get caught inside the house once), and a chipmunk of our own who would come to the back door. Oh and of the birds that came to the deck, the chickadee was noisy but shy, but the tufted titmice would fly down and snag peanuts from our hands.
Debbie said…
A big congratulations on the publicist (hey, he's nice to look at, too)! I'm so happy for you.

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