Is Ann Coulter Insane?

I used to admire Ann Coulter. She used to make some sense. But her latest book (which I refuse to name here, as it would just promote it further) and her recent interviews have me seriously questioning her sanity.

She used to try to be the "voice of the people," saying things many of us wanted to say out loud. Now she is just plain mean. She is attacking four 9/11 widows, jumping down their throats for "making money" off of their husband's deaths.


These four women lost their husbands, their soul mates, the fathers of their children. They were left without that income that was coming in. Yes, they got some money as compensation, but now these women have to fend for themselves, raise their children on their own and turned to each other for help. So what if they sell books, do interviews, etc? They are not letting what their husbands die for go away.

Besides, Ann Coulter is just as guilty as what she is accusing these women of. She is making money off of 9/11 and has been since that tragedy happened. Shame on her!

I tried to watch her on TV yesterday and her voice grates on my nerves. She doesn't even talk like a normal person anymore. She has this hoity-toity "I'm better than everyone else" voice. She is so thin on camera, it makes me wonder what she looks like off camera - knowing that the camera adds an average of 10-20 pounds.

Ann, honey, eat something!

It's one thing to voice your opinion, but to attack people like she is and to not listen to the person interviewing her and just spout her vitriol makes me sick. She is on a rocket sled to hell.

And that is MY personal opinion.


ravyn said…
You are right on the money with that observation. i have never read her, but i did look at a piece in the Post this week, where the following was quoted from her book: "I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much."

It's obvious to me, and i hope to a lot of people, that she has been profiting from 'their husbands' deaths', and i don't understand how she can NOT see what a hypocrite she looks like to the world.

Okay i have to stop my blood pressure is going up now, heh. No, she is not insane, just a small, greedy, selfish ego.
Debbie said…
You really got me laughing, Jayne. Not because of your opinion. I totally agree with you there. But because when I saw her interviewed on The Today Show, I commented to my mom that you would certainly have something to say about it! LOL We went a bit further in our comments about her! Gee, what "professional" would appear on national TV looking like she did? Or should I ask, professional what?

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