I have a confession to make. . .

I'm in love with another. He is short, sweet, cuddly, a little nuts, and doesn't talk too much. We met in the backyard one day. An unspoken bond was created. Every morning when I wake up, he is waiting for me patiently out back. I sneak out of the house to meet with him.

My husband is very jealous.

So are the dogs.

My new love is named Chippy.

I don't know why he loves me, but he does. I do a little "chip chip chip" sound and he comes running. Chris didn't believe me until I dragged his sleep butt out of bed one morning. He took the photos to prove I'm now the crazy chipmunk lady.

I've made a promise that Chippy will be eating out of my hand by the end of the summer. And no cracks about the name. I like it.

My mom turned 80 on June 24th. We had her for lunch. She tastes like chicken.

I'm off to New Orleans tomorrow. I told Chris I planned on going on one of the ghost tours. I also told other people. I am so sick of hearing, "Well, there are a lot more ghosts there now." How cruel.

But true in a sick way.

I'm flying JetBlue out of Portland, Maine. Let's hope this travel agency didn't screw up my flight plans like my last trip to D.C.

The hotel is a Sheraton, and the conference is in the hotel. I have promised everyone I will stay inside unless I am with a group. You'd think I was five years old or something. Yeesh.

I'm doing a book signing while there, at a local Barnes & Noble. I'm allowed out of the hotel for that.


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