Day one down - Applause!

Went to Odyssey's Shipwreck & Treasure Adventure museum. It's about the finding of the wreck SS Republic and things that were found, including loads of gold coins, bottles and other artifacts. I did the tour with a group of about 50 little kids. My ears hurt.

After a short and well-done documentary, we were ushered into the first exhibit area. And guess what? A giant ship model of the SS Republic was there. . .built by Chris and his dad. I couldn't believe it!

I called both Chris and his dad to tell them one of the two models they'd built was on display here. I took loads of photos, of which I will put up when I get home. I talked with the manager and some of the employees and they were pretty impressed. The son of one of the men who found the wreck was there and he was excited.

How odd, but fun to see little kids looking at the model in awe.

Afterwards, I had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. I've found that when I'm alone, eating at the bar means faster service. So I sat at the bar, and the bartender was a bit, um, odd. Really strange. But he fit in with the place. I think it's a requirement to be weird to work at a Hard Rock Cafe.

Had iced tea and a French dip sandwich. I didn't want fries or a side, but this guy *insisted* I have something, so I told him cole slaw. The lunch comes with two sides of cole slow. Yeesh. I did eat some of one.

I got a t-shirt and a couple of cool buttons - one was for Katrina and some of the money went to the Red Cross.

Walked back to the hotel (and it was perfectly fine and safe walking), checked email, then dressed in my suit and headed downstairs for my talk.

I ran into Brian from Montclair University and we chatted, then I went to the room I'd be speaking in and set up my laptop and stuff. The room filled up and I did my talk. Got a lot of great questions, great feedback and one woman said I'd done a talk at her university and it impressed them so much they did a mini-documentary about staying safe on Myspace and Facebook. I was flattered and impressed with it (which I viewed afterward).

I had a lot of people come up and say my talk was the best one so far. I encouraged them all to go to the book signing tomorrow night. And to tell their friends to come to my talk after lunch tomorrow.

Now I'm getting ready to go on the ghost tour. I am so excited!


Anonymous said…
How cool to see the ship model there. Don't you just love coincidence lol (or did you really know it would be there?). Can't wait to hear some good ghost stories. Sounds like your having a blast, doing some fantastic teaching, and I bet lots of folk buy books. What a great time!

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