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Got a very weird email from a guy with the same last name as me insisting we were related and offering to send me his DNA. Eee-yewww. Not to mention the fact that if he had read my web site closely, he would have seen that I am married and Hitchcock is not my birth name. Also, there are thousands of Hitchcocks in the USA alone. Then this sentence struck me as "tin foil hat time:"

I was surprised to find out that I had siblings at age 30 (Iam now 50, 6/6/55) and have been surprised by what a dog my father was. Actually had a bank teller confront me in Pittsburgh with the surprise that she was my half sister.


You think that wasn't weird enough? He sent me another email saying we should talk and sent his phone number, which has a Nevada area code. Did a reverse search on it and nothing came up. So either his number is unlisted, it's a scam or he's just a total nutcase.

I go for number three.


My hubby took a motorcycle training course this weekend to get his license. He's been gone nine hours each day, so I had a chance to do some work in the garden, clean out his Jeep (he took Jurgen because the mice decided to make another nest in his car), washed it and armor-alled the inside. He graduated missing only five questions and was sore, but happy when he got home last night. I got him a leather jacket to celebrate. He's already picked out his motorcycle, a Triumph Bonneville T100, which is sweet. It gets 40 MPG, so it will save on his commute to work and back and with cold weather gear, as long as it doesn't snow, he can drive it into November.


The heating/AC guy came on Friday to check our oil burner and AC units. I was on the phone with my agent when he was here and he heard me talking about my latest book, the 2nd edition of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors, which officially comes out this week (that will be another post). He said he doesn't have a computer at home and his kids have to use the computers at school or the library for their homework. I can't remember how we got on the subject, but we talked about how people can find out things about others online for free. When I told him how easy it was to do a 411 search online, his eyes got huge. He told me, "But I don't have a computer."

I explained that if his phone number and address were listed in the White Pages, the info is available online in any White Pages directory because it's public information. He kind of freaked when I told him someone could do a search on his name, or a reverse search on his phone number if they had that, then they could get directions to his house, etc. I explained that the only way to get off the free directories was to get an unpublished/unlisted phone number

He told me he was going to buy my book. LOL.


I just sold 500 copies of The Ghosts of Okinawa to an Okinawan bookstore. Can you believe this book has sold more copies than Net Crimes?


I hope to get my garden started soon. My raspberry, blueberry bushes, strawberries and grape vines are already blooming. Now to plant the veggies and sunflowers.

So, I may be getting a new vanity plate.

I'm going to ask for (in order):

NET QOP (I can't get NET COP because you can't get license plates with the word cop or police in it)


(Queen of the Internet, tee hee)


Debbie said…
My vote is for nut case, also! But can you imagine how many emails this guy is sending out?!!Weird Chris and his dad haven't gotten any. Guess the guy only wants sisters.

When Net Crimes No.2 comes out, can we buy direct from you or will it be store, etc. only?
JAH said…
If you want me to sign it, you can either attend a book signing when I've scheduled those or order the book from me. I don't get a very good discount on new books, but I can offer it at $20 + shipping
Debbie said…
Discount is irrelevant. Let me know the total and when you'll have any. I'm not patient enough to wait for a book signing in the area but I *do* expect, desire, wish, and plead for you to sign it. LOL
Debbie said…
My mind is going....tell Chris congratulations from me, and, *very* nice looking bike he's decided on.

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