Laconia, NH & Are People Really This Stupid?

I guess I'll go with the stupid part first, because it's the shortest. I received a fax from a woman who has written a book about proms. Problem was that it was addressed to the Montel Williams Show. I emailed her and told her I was not affiliated with the show and asked where she saw the fax number so that I could make sure it was removed. I was afraid someone had posted it as media contact information for Montel's show.

So she emails me back that she found in connection with my name on a page called "Media Information." Ding ding ding. Media Information is on my WHOA web site, which is about the media I've already been in, including Montel and how to contact *me.*


I emailed her back that she had to be careful about reading web sites and explained this was clearly on the WHOA web site and not affiliated with Montel in any way. You would think the following sentence would have been a huge clue:

You can reach Jayne by emailing her, or calling WHOA's voicemail/fax number at 561-828-2801.

Not Montel.


So I had to do a speaking engagement at the Laconia Public Library in the beautiful lakes region of central New Hampshire. My sister was originally going to meet me there to have a girls night out after my talk (the library was paying for a hotel room), but her daughter had a high fever and being the good mom she is, she had to decline. Boo-hoo!

So I drove to Laconia yesterday afternoon in Jurgen, listening to Black Ice by Michael Connelly. It's a book on tape, not music. Good story. It ended up taking me two hours because of traffic and construction once I hit the Lakes region.

I was booked to stay at the Landmark Inn. They don't have a web site and the only info I could find online was at, which had negative reviews of the place. So I was dying to see what it was going to be like. Honestly, for the $49.99 room rate, it wasn't bad. It's not the newest hotel, but it was clean and the only quibbles I had was a dubious stain on one of the bedspreads (I slept in the stain-free) bed and the bathtub was either dirty from hard water or a bad maid.

Other than that, everything else was fine. And my positive review will be up on Tripadvisor soon. So there.

So, I got to the library at 6 pm to set up my laptop, etc. The librarian who had booked me was young and perky and funny. An older lady came in at 6:30 on the dot, when I was supposed to speak.

We waited and I had a whopping five people show up to hear me talk.

It was a combination of the lousy rainy weather, the time of day (who wants to go out again at night after getting home from a long day at work?) and the day of the week. Who knows?

So I put on a good show for the older lady, two older gents and a mom and her daughter. The latter left when the kid got bored (15-years-old, what was her mom thinking? I'd be bored, too). The others had a great time, asked great questions and got all the prizes I'd brought to give away. Two of the three bought a book, so not bad.

It was 8:15 by the time I packed up and left the library. I hadn't eaten dinner, so I found a pizza place and did a to-go order of a cheesesteak sub. Headed back to my room, watched the end of American Idol, then House, ate my din-din, then hit the sack.

Got up early, left at 7:15 am, hit Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and a crossainwich thingy, then drove home. I'm tired, but excitedly waiting to watch a new Bones and LOST. I'm going to listen to the latest LOST podcast on my iPod when I exercise on the treadmill this afternoon.

Guin is mad at me. No walks to the beach for two days due to me being away and today the rain. Bandit is mad at me because Daddy didn't let him go outside before bed last night and he ended up pooping and peeing in the bedroom. Then a fly that was in Jurgen kept bugging him when we did errands this afternoon (this goes back to years ago when we visited my mom and a hornet landed on his back and stung him. He never forgot it and anytime anything lightly touches his back, he freaks out).

Chris was not happy to be cleaning up poop and pee early this am, but that'll teach him to not let the dogs out before going to bed.



Anonymous said…
I swear, lately I think you are sending all the stupid people you're coming across south to MA. We have enough of our own! Geez. Not to mention the early start of tourist season and the "train folk".
cartoonmayhem said…
Oof! If only you were affiliated with the Montel Williams show? I'd live to have that kind of clout. Just leave out the idiots & dweebs, right?

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