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Got a bit of a scare a week ago. A letter came to the house from an ad agency in NYC. Hmm. But it was the name written above the name of the agency that caused my heart to stop for a moment - John Leonard. One of my cyberstalkers went by James Leonard, John Lawrence, or a combination of the two. So I kind of freaked out for a bit, considering his probation is up this April.

Then I remembered I'd won an online gift for being part of a panel for Premiere magazine and realized it was my prize - a $20 gift card to Blockbuster. My heart started beating again.


I got a voicemail message *and* an email from a Jay Jones with the Tyra Banks talk show. He sounded desperated to have me come on the show as a cyber crime expert. So I called and emailed him three times. I gave up. Why do media do that, then not have the courtesy of returning your reply to them?

Here's what he sent:

Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 17:58:13 -0800
Subject: The Tyra Banks Show
From: Jay Jones

This email is meant for Jayne Hitchcock.
My name is Jay Jones and I work for The Tyra Banks Show.
We have a show coming up that is all about the Internet.
We are currently looking for an online harassment / cyberstalking expert to appear on the show. If you think this might ineterest you please get in contact with me ASAP.

Thanks & I look forward to speaking with you!


Jay Jones
Production Associate

Sounds like he really wanted me, doesn't it? I can never figure the media out. Go ahead and email or call this guy and recommend me as an expert. Maybe he'll wake up.


Another media rant: I live in southern Maine, so I am accessible to media in all of New England. I am even accessible to national TV and news shows via satellite through Boston or Portland, Maine. It's bad enough national shows don't use me as much as I'd like, especially with all the buzz about online blogs such as Myspace.com and the dangers for teens and kids, but when local media doesn't use me when I'm local, well, it boggles my mind. The only local media (who are extremely loyal and wonderful to me) are several newspapers located at Seacoast Newspapers. They consistently use me as an expert and I thank them with all my heart!

My organization, WHOA, sent out two press releases last week. Our PR person, Dee, emailed over 800 media with these releases. One was about our latest cyberstalking statistics, the other about an online registry for children's email addresses. I've heard from a handful of media. Hello? What in the world is going on? You'd think some of the national media would be interested in the cyberstalking statistics at the least.

Again, it boggles my mind as to what the media *does* cover versus what they *should* cover.


Got an email from my publisher - they want me to go to the Book Expo in late May in D.C. to sign copies of my newest book! Woo-hoo! I'll post more about this when I get the info.


It really bugs me when I see people like James Frey write books and get them published with a big publisher, then turn out to be total liars. I would kill to get a publishing contract with one of those publishers and I write the truth! I work so hard with my writing and my work and it frustrates me to no end that my poor agent can't seem to get the attention of any of the publishers in NYC for two books I want to get published. One is for law enforcement about the basics of investigating cyber crimes (which there is no good book out there about this right now) and the other is a collection of real life stories of people who have been stalked, scammed and killed due to online situations. Pfft.


More to come later.


Debbie said…
First of all, I have sent an e-mail to Jay Jones. Want to see a copy? Knowing me I'll probably forward you a copy anyway!

Sorry to hear about your letter fright. Thought I saw my problem walk in to my bank the day before the RO hearing he was supposed to attend. Certainly wreaks havoc with the nerves. Let's hope the axe fell hard enough on yours that he will *never* be a problem again.
Susan said…
You did get some PR in the Buffalo News, quoted in the same article as my supervisor. You go girl!

Susan - Buffalo, NY
JAH said…
Susan, saw that article. One sentence about me, LOL and no link to the KTD. Oh well, *any* publicity is better than none.

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