If you go back through my posts to January, you'll see where I spoke at Olean High School. Well, two girls emailed me and were NOT happy with my talk. They just didn't get the point, did they?

See for yourself (although the first one did take my advice, LOL):

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From: Kayla
Date: Mar 18, 2006 5:35 PM

thank you very much my profile is private so you can just go on and get a life....and stop screwing with teenagers minds and teaching them how to find random ppl online okay buh bye

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From: JA Hitchcock
Date: Mar 18, 2006 11:19 AM

I guess you missed the point - ANYONE anywhere on the internet can access your profile. Not just me. So the more info you put up, the more bad things can happen to you. I'd suggest making your blog private if you don't want anyone on line to view it.

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From: Kayla
Date: Feb 3, 2006 5:13 PM

Im sorry lady but you embarassed me and a bunch of had no right to use our myspaces....for your may think that you were helping us but really you were teaching us nothing but how to be an online didn't tell us anything we did not know....we already know everything that you said...and the ppl you put up there really don't appriciate that....and personally i think its pretty rude.....sorry


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From: Jessica
Date: Feb 3, 2006 5:21 PM

thanks for showing the whole school how to look up people cuz im sure the whole school didnt know how to do that and now people are probably looking up people right now. stay away from olean high school from now on no one wants ur input on who has what on their profile and who the fuck cares if people have pics of alcohol on their profile ur presentation wasnt for drugs and alcohol and if ur so great with computers then why couldnt u figure out how to use the damn powerpoint.and it was great how u put kayla, jake, forrey and all those other people on the spot like that with their myspace posted on the screen like that.


Debbie said…
Gee, I guess you made your point with the presentation. Problem with teens is they try to have a hard exterior when really most are confused children on the inside. I applaud your excellent job of getting through that exterior! They learned. And you rightfully scared the appropriate ones. They just can't admit it! Didn't you meet the "organizer's" HS age son? I wonder what his comments are now that he's had more time to think and listen to his peers?
JAH said…
He's on our staff now as our teen consultant and he still thinks most of the ones who were mad at me for looking at their profiles still don't get it. Oh well.
Debbie said…
Hmm, I think they get it. There are just some that think it's never going to happen to them so they will be the "know it alls" and push the limits as far as they dare. Usually this is much more than they should. Same ones that might be drinking under-age, etc., etc. I don't know what the community of Oleans is like. If it's anything like the atmosphere where I live, the parents have a tendency to enable the false sense of security. "Never in our town. XXXXX is a safe place to live." They forget that with the Internet they live in every corner of the world.

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