Feel Safe Again

Boy, have I been busy!

On Saturday, march 11, I was asked to speak at the Feel Safe Again Second Annual Benefit Dinner. Cheryl Darisse, who founded the organization in memory of her sister, met me when she came to one of my book signings a year or so ago.

The dinner was held at the Pearl Street Station Restaurant in Malden, Massachusetts.

I hate driving to Massachusetts, but I think Cheryl is wonderful, so she twisted my arm to come (ha ha).

One of the other speakers was an old friend, George Wattendorf, who retired from the Dover, NH police department last year. He has his own law firm now, Wattendorf & Nary, P.A.. If you need a good New Hampshire lawyer, call George!

I got there early to set up. I borrowed an LCD projector from the wonderful folks at the Email Sender and Provider Coalition and had to ask the waitress to find an extension cord. Then I had to find a wall where we could take down oversized framed photos. The room was adjacent to the lounge. That should have been a warning sign. The Amtrak train going by what seemed like every 10 minutes was another warning sign.

Slowly, the room began to fill up. George had brought his wife, who was lovely and funny. We sat together and chatted. Cheryl came by to say hi and was busy getting raffle items set up and other things.

A Senator was supposed to be the keynote, but never showed up. I felt bad for Cheryl. So she had us all get up to get our dinner (self serve buffet, decent food), then George was the first to speak. He talked about the Dover, NH PD's stalking unit and what they've done. It was a good talk and he got some great questions.

There was a break, George and his wife snuck out to go home, and I was ready to talk. I talked about what happened to me and how I was cyberstalked. The presentation went over quite well and I sold a few books afterwards.

I stayed for the next speaker and for the life of me, I can't remember her name, but her story was quite compelling. She's a psychologist who has been stalked by a female student for the past six years. Talk about cops not taking a stalking victim seriously. Wow!

Now, while the trains were whizzing by, causing the building to shake and rattle, karaoke had started up in the lounge by the time I got up to talk. It was an interesting evening, LOL.

I left at 11 pm, got home around midnight and had to unwind, so I watched Saturday Night Live. Good lord, what has happened to that show? It was the worst I've ever seen it and is definitely a shadow of its former self. It's too bad. I used to love that show.

I'll post about my trip to Chattanooga, TN tomorrow (maybe later today). I'm off again to Florida on Monday (through Thursday). And I got three more bookings for later this year.

Like I said, I'm busy! Which is great!


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